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Frequently Asked Questions

By Owners:

Q • How much does Property Management cost?
A • Call for more information and a quote. We evaluate each property and portfolio              independently. We do run on a policy of, If your property is not rented we are not collecting a fee.

Q • Is there a start up charge?
A • There is no start up fee and there are no re-rent charges when a property becomes vacant.

Q • How long am I signing a contract for?
A • The contract is a 1 year contract, you may cancel with 2 months written notice after the 1 year contract is up.

Q • Who decides how much a property rents for?
A • Property rental prices are usually based on the current market however if an Owner wishes to try a different rental amount we always defer to the Owner.

Q • Do you advertise?
A • Yes, we have our own website and run ads on Craigslist and this is included in the management fee, but the newspaper advertising is charged to the Owner.

Q • Do you offer inspections?
A • We offer either 2 or 6 month interior inspections at a cost of $40.00 per and we also offer vacant house inspection for owner’s insurance purposes at a cost of $10.00 per week in spring/summer/fall and $5.00 every 3 days during the winter months.

Q • What happens if repairs are required at the rental property?
A • We have many suppliers on call for every type of repair; we arrange the necessary repairs for your property. You are responsible for the bill payment.

By Tenants:

Q • How do I view a property?
A • We require you to drive by the property first, to see if you like the location.

Q • What is the application process?
A • Firstly prospective tenants call our office, then they must view the property, followed by filling out our application, which is then thoroughly reviewed and all references are checked before a rental decision is made.

Q • Do you allow pets?
A • Each individual Owner makes the decision about whether to allow pets or not. Anytime a pet is allowed a pet deposit is required.

Q • How much is the Pet deposit?
A • The Pet deposit is half a month’s rent. This is separate from the half month's security deposit.

Q • What kinds of references are required?
A • We require two solid rental references, there must also be one solid year rental history, and one current employer and one previous employer references.

Q • Do you take clients on Social Services?
A • Yes

Q • How long does it take to go through the application process?
A • Once a tenant has viewed a property and filled out and handed in their application to our office it can take up to 5 business days for us to process.

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